The Chubbs Archive Project


 The Project

CDBZ is and was a website for a select group of writers who happened to come together for a common interest: their love of the series Dragonball Z and their passion for writing great stories. The website was active for many years, until activity eventually tapered off around 2008 and eventually stagnated. The writers eventually drifted to other websites and forums to continue writing either as their same characters or as new ones, many remaining tightly knit as friends.   Over the years of writing together, many of us became close. Although most of us never met each other face to face, we still consider each other as part of a family. When the site essentially died off, it was the end of an era for us, but it was a new chapter for many writers as they moved their talents to other writing communities, such as Another Destiny and The Omniverse.   Before the original forum finally closes, I am creating a project that will preserve our efforts to bring each other and the world a great story with a rich, developed world, and for all the lovers of DBZ, a place to relive their favorite characters in new ways.



The CDBZ Archive Project

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News and Updates

Beginning Transitions

We will begin post transitions from our forums this week. The entire transition period will take place over several weeks, with sets of stories being released weekly. Several other parts of the site will also be updated, profiles for the cast will be added incrementally.

Why the transition?

We have been using forums for years, and with the increase of errors and spambots, it seems that the best solution is to transfer to wordpress. Not only is this what I’ve wanted to do for a while, I feel that it would be better to organize stories that have been separated by threads into their own relevant pages.

I hope you are as excited as I am for this change!

-Admin Vi