For the first new article of Eyes on You, I want to look at the CPW, the new Chubbs side-game run by myself. It features 25 people battling it out in a series of poll battles to ultimately win a championship.

The premise is simple. You start fueds and storylines, and ultimately try to win over the voters (we've gotten around 30 per show) so you can win the matches. The better you do, the more chances you have getting a chance to win a championship.

The big title is held by Celipa, called the Universal Title. Under that, for up and comers, is the Asylum Title. And the currently inactive Tag Titles will for teams once we get enough active tag teams.

While we have a lack of storylines going on, there is plenty of room to get involved. We have a roster of 25, and after every four shows, at the PPV, we cut 5 people to make room for people on the waiting list. You'll always have room to jump back onboard once cut.

I wanted to feature this first because it's been a huge success with so many voters, and I think it's going to be around for the long haul. I encourage everyone to participate, give more ideas, and just plain vote in matches.