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    AGE - 23
    OCCUPATION - Offbroadway Actress
    Marissa Wojnowski is a young, redheaded, offbroadway actress currently starring alongside Nathaniel in The Kiss of Death. Nathaniel has been crushing on her since he first saw her perform at auditions, and up until now has not expressed his feelings for her.
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    Benjamin Page
    Age - 22
    Occupation - Student/ Part time Construction with his father.

    Ben is the newlywed husband of Alexis. Nothing else much is known about him.
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    Ok I decided to change my hair to grey. Cuz I'm old.
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    I plan to have a second post up tonight people.

    Reb, I'll leave it open for you to take over if I dun decide to do a thrid post.


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    >_< Sorry for my absence, its been a very long week for me. Had to do some irl stuff, should have second post up tonight.

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    Again: My appologies.

    My second post is up, if I've at all delayed this... Well I'm sorry =(

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