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    Written by Android 17

    In the opening bout of Madness, Raditzu landed a powerful upset against Purple Rain after manhandling both Reijin and Violet. After beating down the duo who had taken his Tag Team Championship only a week prior, Rad landed an XTREME legdrop on Violet and pinned her for the win.

    Following the upset victory of Rad over Purple Rain, newcomer Metal Teemer proceeded to handily defeat Tapion with a vicious spear a few minutes into the contest.

    The Loser?s Battle Royale began with a bang as both King Cold and Zorn were thrown over the turnbuckle through the combined efforts of Cargo and Ballofire. After a few more minutes, Coola was hurled out of the ring and out of the CPW by the monstrous Broli. Unfortunately for the former champion, he took a moment too long to relish in the victory. Using the battered Olibu as a weapon, TAFKA CJ managed to eliminate both the saiya-jin and the blonde earthling. Cut: King Cold, Zorn, Coola, Broli, and Olibu.

    Just as the Battle Royale was coming to a close, Hardcore Champion Goten encountered Sticklyman, Jeice, and a referee just outside the stadium. In the intense confrontation that followed, the Hardcore Champion was thrown through a car windshield and pinned by Sticklyman. After landing the pin, the new champion split open Jeice?s forehead with a hubcap and retreated with his prize.

    The Ace in the Hole match between Paragus, Grandpa Gohan, Celipa, Gokua, and ep1c dragged on for nearly a half an hour as the five competitors battled savagely for their chance at championship gold. Just as Grandpa Gohan had knocked out Celipa, Gokua, and ep1c, he was struck from behind and subsequently bulldogged by Paragus. Unable to decide who the pin, Paragus pinned all three of the other competitors and won himself a shot at any title during the next month.

    After experiencing a remarkable winning streak, Gohan finally met Asylum Champion Waffuru in the ring. The contest that followed was an intense volley that left the ring stained with blood and sweat, but in the end, Gohan?s seemingly infinite momentum trounced the efforts of the champion. After reversing Waffuru?s attempt at a chokeslam into a savage powerbomb, Gohan secured his first championship.

    The main event of Madness saw Super Buu, fresh into his second title reign as Universal Champion, competing against his former tag team partner?Android 17?in a casket match. Although the two had once held gold together, they met in the ring and quickly forgot any past pleasantries as they began to bludgeon one another with funeral implements. After breaking a metal urn over Super Buu?s head and rolling him into the casket outside the ring, Seventeen was declared the new Universal Champion and Madness drew to a close with the new champion flaunting his gold over Buu?s casket.

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