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    God damn. I get picked for a mafia role, and I get rooted out almost right away. I sent all of my kill PMs at the wrong time, so I didn't even get to smoke anybody. I'll probably never get picked again, and you all ruined it for me.

    CURSE YOU!!!!
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    I know its probably too early to ask, but is there a planned date for the next game?
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    Want a cookie?
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    Make less FBI/Informant roles? Like, one each side? =o

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    Make a clown role. That way when someone kills the clown everyone can be like "Oh noes! The clown is dead =( His laughter is silenced forever... ='( "

    Or a hooker. Mmhmmm
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    I was bored and decided to make a new list for Burter Mafia with 19 or more people.

    Bad Guys


    Mafia wins by surviving to the end

    Mafia (2)- Choose to kill one person each night. If the Godfather dies, one of the Mafia will take his/her place

    Godfather - Picks a back-up victim in the event the mafia's victim is saved. Takes over when mafia dies

    Informant - Can pick one person a night to investigate and will find out their roles. If the Mafia and the Godfather are all dead, this informant can take over

    Snitch - Can pick one person a night to investigate and will find out their roles. He can also secretly tell a non-Mafia his information. The other Mafia will only see the Snitch as another Informant. Anytime during the course of the game, the Snitch can rat out another Mafia member and switch sides to become a regular Citizen


    The following people work alone.

    Rogue - A former mafia member who work alone, killing one person a night. The Rogue member is alone and has to kill everybody in order to win. He comes up as mafia when investigated.

    Outlaw (2) - A dangerous criminal that can steal an item from another player during the night phase. Depending on what the Outlaw receives, the Outlaw will be granted a new power. The Outlaw can choose to change his power any night by stealing from another player. If Outlaw steals from...

    Another Outlaw - The two Outlaws will join forces and work with each other to kill everybody else and be the only survivors. Wins only if the Outlaws are the last players standing.

    Mafia, Rogue, or Old War Vet - Kills one person a night. Wins if either Mafia or Rogue wins

    Cop - Investigate one person a night. Wins if the Mafia and Rogue dies

    Politicians - Secretly bribe someone to escape being lynched. Wins if Mafia and Rogue dies

    Medical Team - Can save one person a night from being killed. If Outlaw picks a non-Mafia member to save the first day, s/he wins if Mafia wins. If Outlaw chooses anybody else, then s/he wins when if Mafia and Rogue dies

    Anyone else - Only gains the knowledge that that person is a Citizen

    The Good Guys

    Everyone under here wins when the mafia and the rogues are eliminated

    The Cops

    Deputies (2) - Can investigate one person a night and find out if they are mafia or not

    Sheriff - Can investigate one person a night and find out if they are mafia or not. Also, if the Sheriff is killed, then none of the Cops may use their powers and become ordinary citizens

    Detective - Will find out the roles of people as they die

    The Politicians

    Judge - Will break all ties in the voting. When they die and there is a tie, no one is voted off.

    Senator - Vote counts as 2 votes

    Lobbyist - Instead of voting for someone to leave, they vote for someone to stay and their vote count goes down to 0.

    Medical Team

    Nurse (2) - Can save anyone in the game once a night from death

    Doctor - Can save anyone in the game once a night from death. Also, if the Doctor is killed, then none of the Medical Team may use their powers and become ordinary citizens

    Surgeon - Can revive one person from death once in the entire game


    Old War Vet - The Old War Vet can choose to kill anyone at night if s/he believes that person is a Bad Guy.

    Crazy Hobo - If the Hobo is targeted at night, the Hobo will kill whoever targeted him along with himself. Otherwise, the Hobo is a regular citizen

    Hooker (For Kami) - Distracts one player from using their night power

    Citizen - Has no power. Just votes and tries not to die.
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    You could have up to 5 people die every night with that set up. That's way too many.

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    I appreciate the hooker - and you even made it work hahahaha
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