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    Default 'Till Death Do Us Part

    Two separate souls stood for judgement that day.

    The massive red-skinned King Yemma sat behind his desk, looking down upon the two ethereal figures standing before him. His eyes glanced from one silhouette to the other with a slight air of bemused curiousity. Standing before him were not two fully "corporeal souls" ready to pass on. Indeed, he had already determined the judgement for these two separate beings, however, neither of them had yet received a halo, or begun to pass on.

    "Aren't you two planning on moving along anytime soon? There is a line of dead people waiting behind you, you know." Yemma finally muttered sarcastically.

    "It would appear that our link to the living realm has not been completely severed yet." one of the two answered coldy, almost hollow-sounding.

    "That would be the case. Neurologically, we are deceased, but our physical body is not. At least not yet. However, soon without any of the electrical impulses from our brain being received, our body will shut down, and we will die." the other answered just as resolutely and calmly.

    "You're joking. Honestly, can't you people just die normally anymore?" the passer of judgement sighed.

    "Give us about a minute and a half." the first answered.

    The two entities turned to face each other. The first of the two was a young-looking man with long, smooth black hair and red eyes. The second was a wizened old man with scraggly white hair and blue eyes. Twenty and Gero were now separate beings.

    "Well then, Gero. Your little act of treason succeeded. I will admit that your plan was quite clever, albeit extremely reckless. You understood the situation well. If our body was simply to be destroyed, we would be sent to the afterlife in the same state as we were in life, with me fully in control. However, by luring me to disconnect myself from the body, it was possible to prevent this inevitability. However, even if my mental state was destroyed and the body remained intact, I would eventually reboot. But you knew this as well. Tell me, did you tell the human who sided with you that you had no intention of surviving?" Android 20 murmurred to the ethereal figure of Gero.

    "I think Krillin understood what was to occur even without my telling him. But yes, you are as clever as always, Twenty, you do understand what I intended to accomplish..." Gero smiled sadly in response.

    "But you were not expecting this result... were you? Us finally being separated from one another, judged as separate beings in the world of the universe?" Twenty motioned to himself and Gero's form with a wave.

    "This exact outcome was most unexpected, that is true. But let me ask you a question, do you not prefer it?" Gero responded with yet another question.

    Twenty paused.

    "Yes of course I prefer it! Don't you realize I've always longed to finally be... me? Not a parasite or an overlord of a shared body, but to be real, alive, to be-" Twenty began to talk rapidly.

    "Human?" Gero was smiling.

    "What? No! Of course not! Why would you say such a thing, why... why... why the hell are you smiling at me?" Twenty fumed.

    "Oh, no reason. None at all." Gero chuckled.

    Suddenly, both of their figures became fully corporeal in the realm of the dead. A halo appeared over each of their respective heads.

    "'Bout time you two finally keeled over!" Yemma snorted behind his desk.

    "Well, this is it, Twenty." Gero spoke quietly.

    "So it is." the android answered quietly. "Your destiny and mine lie in entirely different realms, Gero. This is goodybe. Forever."

    "Oh now I wouldn't say that, Twenty. We may be physically separated from one another at last, but I still think there is a strong possibility that our destinies are still one in the same." Gero mused.

    "You're a stupid old man up 'til the end." Twenty smirked.

    "Goodbye, Twenty." Gero said quietly.

    "Goodbye, Gero." Twenty responded solemnly.

    Their eyes met for a moment, and then the two turned on the spot, and walked away from each other.

    OOC: I'm assuming what I brought up in the Q/S/U forum is all good?
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    The chance to train at King Kai (for both alter egos) is available

    If you don't want it, then Heaven officially, and you can split

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    OOC: It can't be Hell officially? I mean, I understand that's obviously staff's decision, but that was the area where the greater portion of my writing would be. Still, while the King Kai thing is definitely tempting, I gotta pass for storyline purposes.

    The two souls, now free of each other permanently, marched slowly and resolutely away from one another. Then, without a moment's warning, the floor beneath the young-looking Twenty opened up, and his form fell through to below, into the depths of Hell. At the same time, a pair of doors opened up for the aged Gero at the end of the room, leading out into the eternal realm of Heaven.
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    No, sorry. I find your character more good then evil. That's the judgement.

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