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    The teenage girl stepped out of the ship first. Her appearance had changed slightly. Her firmer muscles indicated a power boost. The incredible fighting skills of her brother had pushed the girl beyond her limits. Kirano was not like her grandmother Agatha or her father; he was a reckless mentor. He had beaten her black and blue just to make her tougher. That was the true meaning of tough love.

    Lastly, Kirano stepped out of his ship, immediately admiring the green sky of Namek. According to Prew, the sky always stayed that colour, and there was no day or night, just a red sun that remained in the sky among many clouds. The turf was blue and the beautiful waters mirrored the colour of the sky. The only plants that inhabited the Planet were tall and skinny trees with blue bushes. Some of the trees stood on large, blue mountains covered with blue turf, while others rested on the lower layers of the Planet. “You’re right, this place is peaceful,” he said to his sister.

    “My kind of place,” replied the calm natured girl.

    Kirano reached for a capsule in the left hand pocket of his dark grey combat trousers. He clicked it and with a KAPOW sound, his ship disappeared, transported into the capsule. He had to admit, the Brief’s were genius scientists, Bulma and her father both. “Now if only we had tour guides,” the adolescent suggested.

    “We’ll just fly around,” said the teenage Prew, slowly elevating off the ground, “until we find some Nameks. I doubt they wouldn’t know where their Guru lives.”

    “Hmm,” agreed her brother, ascending into the sky.

    In a matter of moments their airborne quest to find a Namekian had come to pass. Kirano swooped down towards the jade coloured alien. Prew took a different approach, teleporting a few meters away from the green life form. The young namekian gazed in horror at the man who quickly descended towards him. He then cowered, thinking this man was going to attack him. “Do not be afraid,” said the calm, feminine voice from a hand that touched gently against his shoulder. “He did not intend to scare you.”

    The teenage Namek unfolded from his cowardly position. “Uh okay,” he replied, glancing from the girl to the young man. The girl seemed friendly and warm, while the man seemed the opposite, intimidating with his interrogating stare. “My name’s Lombre,” he said, offering his hand towards the friendlier of the two.

    “Prew,” she replied, grasping his hand strongly and then immediate releasing it. She was not used to handshakes. She usually greeted people by simply nodding her head. He turned to Kirano offering out his hand. Ironically, the man’s handshake seemed more welcoming.

    “Wait, I know you,” he realized. He immediately took drastic steps backwards. “I know you too,” he said, shifting his terrified eyes to Prew, although he was not as afraid of her as he was of the menacing Kirano. “Y-you two are from this year’s Dante’s Abyss.”

    Kirano did nothing but giggle. It was his alternative to boasting. Meanwhile Prew wanted to forget about her performance. Finishing 32nd was not something she wanted to discuss. She was not going to making any excuses either, excuses such as ‘I didn’t have spiritken at the time’ or ‘my power level was only 300,000 max’.

    “We’re warriors from earth,” she introduced.

    The namekian cleared his throat. You did not need to have smelt the aroma of fear lingering from his green body to know he was frightened by their presence. “I-I don’t want any trouble.”

    “We have come here to train under your Lord Guru. We understand he can help us further develop our Spiritken powers,” the younger sibling continued, ignoring his pathetic, cowardly display.

    “Oh…yes, that is true,” replied Lombre, nerves calmed.

    “Do you know where he lives?” replied Kirano.

    “Yes!” he replied sharply in a way that indicated he was the man’s bitch.

    “Excellent. Would you be able to take us to him?” asked Prew, already knowing the namekian dared not to say ‘no’.

    “Uh, yes, of course…but…it would be a quicker journey by flight.”

    “Let’s go!” exclaimed Kirano enthusiastically, going airborne.

    “But…” he said, gazing up at the man.

    “You can’t fly huh,” Kirano realized from reading his mind.

    “Yeah, sorry,” said the namekian. He would have blushed with embarrassment, had his skin not been green. The blonde haired man lowered himself towards the namekian while Prew glided past him.

    “Hop on,” Kirano said with his back turned to the thin, teenage boy.

    The namekian remained still.

    “Anytime today,” the blonde haired human stated.

    “Oh of course,” he replied, piggybacking the strong back of Kirano. “WAAAAAAAAAAH!” he screamed, as the earthling took off into the air.

    “Oh yeah, I forget to mention, buckle your seatbelt,” the man added with a smirk.

    “B-b-but, you don’t know where Guru’s place is!” Lombre replied nervously, clinging into the human for his dear life.

    “I’m telepathic!” he shouted over the sound of his body sharply cutting through Namek’s air, while his clear aura flared around their bodies, leaving a trail behind.

    “W-w-wait, you’re reading my mind?!”

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    Although the namekian’s differed from earthlings in obvious ways, they were similar in some senses. For instance it was rare to discover any namekians who could fly. Their planet was inhabited by ordinary people like Lombre, maybe not entirely similar since every namek was capable of regenerating themselves. It was a remarkable and unique trait of theirs. Throughout their journey, the siblings had not encountered any of the races inhabitants who possessed the rare ability to fly, until three figures drew towards them from northwest. Kirano was sure the nameks intended to approach them due to reading reading one of their minds, which also made him clear on their intentions. The human therefore stopped in midair. Prew halted her movement too. She had not stopped because of her brother reading their minds, but due to her intuitions. The seventeen year old girl turned to her brother, who shifted his gaze to her, and then in sync, they turned to the namekians who now faced them in the air, lined up in three.

    Although namekians had similar appearances, these free proved that size varied. A big bulky namek centered between the other two, crossed his huge, muscular arms, with an intense expression on his face, as if he wanted to fight, while the slim built namekian on the left, placed had his hands on his hips, a huge grin directed towards Kirano. It got kind of disturbing after a few moments, therefore Kirano’s eyes shifted to the third namekian on the far right. The last of the three mimicked the man’s build. His green muscles were slightly thicker and his chest was slightly broader. Due to his relaxed posture and emotionless face, Kirano could tell he was the calmest of the three, perhaps even as calm as his sister Prew.

    Kirano tried reading their minds, but only received empty thoughts, which only meant one thing, that they were purposely concealing their thoughts. They must have also possessed telepathy if they were able to anticipate Kirano’s attempt to invade their minds.

    “Yeah, we’re telepathy users but never mind that. We’d like to know where you two little squirts are going,” he asked, pointing at each of the siblings.

    “You’d better watch your mouth, you big for nothing twat!” Kirano replied. The big namekian’s power level was a mere 1.5 million; therefore calling him a ‘big for nothing’ was fairly accurate. The strangely behaved namekian on the left had a power level of 800,000 while the calm namekian on the right had a maximum power-level of 1.2 million. In other words, they were not even worth Kirano’s attention.

    “Tch, you’re so rude,” said the thinner of the three, moving his head about while he addressed his disgust.

    “Isn’t that being hypocritical?” Prew asked, defending her brother.

    “Girl,” replied the namek with a lisp, snapping his fingers at Prew. “You need to aaask somebody.”

    Prew’s mouth opened slightly but no words came out. His attitude left her gobsmacked.

    “Shut up Dore! This is between me and him.”

    “Run along. Where we are going doesn’t concern you,” answered Kirano.

    “Master Guru’s isn’t it?” the brute guessed.

    “Well if you knew why’d you ask?”

    “I thought you’d be man enough to tell me straight away.”

    “Like I said, it was none of your business.”

    “Sounds like you have a guilty conscious.”

    “Sorry but I don’t have time for chit chatting. Step aside.”

    “Not going to happen,” the bulky green being replied, gliding a little forward to size up the man he towered over.

    “Allow us to introduce ourselves,” spoke the quiet namekian on the right, opening his mouth for the first time. “I am ‘Zore’ and the two next to me are my brothers, closest to me, ‘More’ and next to him, ‘Dore’. I apologize for not introducing ourselves sooner.”

    “And I am Prew,” the girl opposite them introduced. “And he is my brother Kirano. The namekian on his back is Lombre.”

    “Hey,” Lombre waved to his fellow namekians.

    “Hey boo,” Dore waved, frightening the boy a little.

    “We are,” Zore continued, “proud students of Master Guru.”

    “Three of his top graduates,” More boasted. “Scratch that, we’re the best to ever come out of his academy. We’re,” he further spoke, flexing his huge muscles, while his pecks bounced up and down. Dore swung his hips from left to right, and Zore crossed his arms, striking the most natural pose of the three.

    “The Elite Three!”
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    “’The Elite Three’,” Kirano mocked, using his fingers to make inverted commas. Either your Guru isn’t that great of a fighter or he isn’t that great of a teacher, if you three are his best.”

    “I’ve seen people like you all the time. Talk trash but end up lying flat on their back. You’d better turn back now,” said the biggest of the three nameks.

    “Make me,” Kirano smiled, his demeanor, daring. Prew sighed, knowing what was to come. Did her brother always have to resort to violence? In the past, ‘no’, but with this new attitude of his was more daring. He loved to fight.

    “Gladly,” More replied with a smug expression. He knew the type of person Kirano was, stubborn, proud and arrogant. Kirano was a mirror of himself. “I’ll teach you respect,” he added, descending towards the ground, as did the man.

    Once Kirano was on planet namek’s blue terrain, Lombre quickly jumped off his back and headed towards Prew, who had also touched base. The two other namekian’s fell back, a little distant behind their twin brother.

    “I’d prefer if all three of you attacked me at once,” advised the arrogant Kirano.

    “My brothers will stay on the sidelines. I don’t like unfair advantages,” replied the just as arrogant large namek. “Besides, I wouldn’t want any excuses to come out of your big trap for losing.”

    “I gotta admit you’ve got balls, being a weakling and all.”

    “Talk talk talk,” More taunted, using his hand as a signal for Kirano to come at him.

    Kirano arched his body forwards into an offensive stance, immediately his clear aura activated around his body. “Now you see me…now you don’t,” he finished. In a flash he appeared in front of More, head thrust forward. Although his cranium had reached the namek’s gut, the namek did not even flinch, instead, placed his huge jade hand around the man’s cranium. It was that large.

    The young man jerked himself backwards, his head slipping free from the namek’s grasp as he slid backwards across the blue plains, leaving a trail mark. “I thought so.”

    “So you finally figured it out. It took way too long.”

    “I’ve met someone else who can hide their ki. Dark Ki, that’s what it’s called isn’t it?”


    “Only those with the highest level of Ki sense would know.”

    “Yet you still came after me like an idiot.”

    “Just testing, can’t blame me for trying.”

    “I guess not, but there’s something you need to realize. It’s not just us, but MOST namek’s!” he retorted, with his eyes on Lombre, “are very protective over our master. We just can’t let anyone go and see him, especially someone like you.”

    “Don’t blame him,” said Kirano referring to Lombre. “Your problems with my sis and I,” he continued diminishing his aura in order to save energy.

    “Unlike any other race we namek’s are able to detect evil within someone from far away. That’s why we came here to intercept you, both,” he replied, shifting a quick glance to the teenage girl.

    “Our intentions are genuine,” answered Prew.

    “And it’s not like we have a grudge against you people, well just you,” said Kirano, directing his comment at the large namek in front of him.

    “If you’ve got a problem with me then don’t just stand there and whine, do something about it,” said More. Kirano was not aware but this was More’s plan to sucker him into a fight, test the stronger fighter’s spiritken power, which happened to be Kirano. The overzealous fighting nature of the human was not going to allow him to back down from a challenge. Prew knew More’s game, however she also knew the namek would back Kirano into a corner regardless.

    “You’re starting to make a lot of sense,” said Kirano, gearing into his traditional fighting stance.

    “That’s right Kirano show me that spiriken power of yours.”

    “Oh I get it,” the man finally realized. “But what’s the saying...” He thought for a moment. “Oh yeah,” he managed to realize, activating his green, unripe spiritken aura. “You’ve bitten off more than you can chew.” Like reaching the bite point of a vehicle by pushing down gently on the accelerator, Kirano’s power slowly began to grow.

    “I’m going to shut that mouth of yours up. Let me show you a power so rare that only a handful of Namekians have managed to achieve.”

    What power was More referring to?
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    Prew’s eyes flabbergasted eyes widened. Could it be? she thought, guessing his sentence related to the legendary transformation of the namekian race.

    With a snicker the larger namek tightened his fists, causing his muscles to tighten and expand. Soon after, veins surged from the sides of his head and then decorated his huge, bulging arms. He then spread his thick arms and legs a little apart, letting out a mighty battle cry. Cracks began to reveal from namek’s surface, and then soon after, small bits of the surface broke apart and ascended into the air, as a clear aura formed around him. Things were going to get ugly, which was why Prew placed an arm around the young namek Lombre, hoisting him into the air. She would take the two to a safe place, not for her safety, but for the defenceless Lombre’s safety. More shifted his eye towards Prew while the ground began to shake due to the incredible power he was generating. She had shown concern for the safety of a namek. It was her selflessness that proved not only to More, but his other two namek brothers that she was good of heart, yet still possessed a taint of evil. This evil within her was not a cause for concern though, unlike the evil within Kirano, which felt larger. It was not a threatening level of evil but it could easily grow within someone like him who lacked humility.

    The human shielded his eyes with from debris as well as a strong force of wind that shifted into every direction. “Remove your hands from you face and come look at this genetic freak,” he said proudly, as the atmosphere gradually began to settle. The vain namekian flexed his muscles, while his clear aura flowed around him. Kirano removed his hands from his face, slightly frowning to express how annoyed he was with the showoff of a namek. Only he had the right to show off, not any knockoff namek, not any wannabe Kirano.

    “This is a super Namek,” he continued, admiring his impressive physique. “I am a God,” he ended.

    “Heh,” was all Kirano smiled, while his green aura danced coordinately around him. It would take more than words for More to prove he was a ‘God’.

    More edged himself forward, his right foot sliding forward. Kirano was next to edge forward and then in a synchronized fashion, the two leapt forward, their thrusting force, causing the debris under their feet to erupt and separate into every direction. Both fighters swung opposite arms forward, Kirano with his left, More with his right. As Kirano’s fist edged towards his opponents face, he swerved his body to the left. More made no attempt to move and let the human’s clenched fist connect with his face, while he landed a right hook to Kirano’s face that was powerful enough to shift the earthlings head backwards and then cause all 200 pounds of his body to slide backwards across namek’s blue terrain.

    Before Kirano could even regroup, a kick sunk into his chest and sent him even further backwards, this time bouncing three times across the floor before his body came to a grazing stop. “I’ll tell you what,” said More, as Kirano groaned while picking himself to his knees. “I’ll let you go see Master Guru. You’re not nearly as good as I thought you were. You obviously need to boost up your spiritken power.”

    “Son of a bitch,” Kirano growled, rising to his feet, firming the pain from the grazes on his back. More was really getting under his skin. Who was this namek to tell him what to do? He was no hot shot, Kirano was only warming up. That was his arrogance doing the thinking.

    Prew gazed down at the scene while she stood next to the skinny, teenage namekian Lombre. She did not like the vibe she was picking up from her brother. She knew as well as Kirano that in his untrained spiritken form, he was no match for the impressive Super Namek, which was why she had the feeling Kirano was itching to show More his real power. His pride was on the line here, however, More had just given Kirano the green light to proceed their journey towards Guru, so the last thing she wanted was for her brother to enter another round of fighting and sidetrack them from their mission.

    I’ve got to get through to him, she thought, before turning to Lombre and then placing a hand on his shoulder. In a flash, the two appeared next to Kirano. “…Wow…that’s a really cool trick,” Lombre complimented her once again.

    “It’s not a trick,” she reminded him again. “It’s the ability to teleport.”

    “Oh yeah,” he remembered. “Stupid stupid,” he cursed, smacking his forehead.

    Kirano turned to his sister. “I hope you’re not thinking of backing me up.”

    “Thank you for approving our quest to see your master,” she humbly said to More, ignoring her brother.

    “Hey wait, you’re not thinking of leaving without me, are you?” wondered Kirano.

    “You’re not coming?” was the level headed girl's reply. It was a rhetorical question because she expected them to go together.

    “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

    “Yes, I can see. In that case I’ll meet you at-”

    “Whoa whoa whoa, hold it!” her sibling yelled, raising a hand towards her. He thought about the current predicament for a moment. He did not know the way to Guru’s, Lombre did, but it seemed Prew was set on using the skinny namek as her navigator. That would leave him with the three namekian punks, and he sure was not going to ask them for directions, or ask them to assist him to Guru’s. He had too much pride for that. It was better an insignificant, nobody like Lombre show him the way. That way, his pride would still be in check. “Fine,” said Kirano finally, deactivating his spiritken power. “Consider our fight postponed More. Go wherever, but when I’m done perfecting my spiritken, I’ll find you, AND THEN I’ll embarrass you,” he pointed at the bulky namek, who hardly had a neck.

    The namekian with pulsating veins relieved himself from his powerful and rare namekian transformation, simply chuckling to Kirano’s statement. Still smirking, he turned away from Kirano and headed towards his brothers. “Come here,” he told them, motioning his hands to gather them together. Like a team, the trio huddled up with their arms around each others shoulders, lowering their heads while More whispered to them, and they all began to whisper.

    “Tch, a party and I’m not invited,” said Kirano, placing his sweaty hands on his hips. “I guess I’m unpopular around here…that sucks.”

    He, his sister Prew and Lombre could only watch as they continued to chit chatter like bitches, until they raised their heads up. “Gotta go,” said More to the young siblings. “I’ll definitely see you again Kirano.”

    “Damn straight!” Kirano retorted.

    “Mwah,” said Dore, blowing a kiss at the pair of humans. Lombre laughed a little, Prew slowly rubbed her hands through her hair awkwardly and Kirano turned his face towards the right. “He couldn’t have, not at me,” Kirano denied quietly. Were there gay namekians? Did this one want to hump Kirano? “Fuck no,” he denied to himself again.

    Following after, the three namekians took off into the sky and headed South East.

    “Dore seems to be interes-”

    “Don’t, even, say it,” replied her blonde haired brother, in an irritated manner.
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    The namekian triplets, More, Dore and Zore arrived at Guru’s gracious village. The namekian kids who ran around playing games with one another, their pleasant faces, added that ever so familiar sense of purity about the place.

    “Looks like we made it here before those kids,” said More, continuing to inspect the place, as his brothers.

    “Naturally, due to our shortcut,” said Zore.

    “Well, let’s go guys!” said the flamboyant Dore, skipping his way ahead of the two towards Guru’s house, a place also referred to as the center of the village, since the large hut for a house was literally located at the center of the village. They were greeted respectively by many namekians, young and old on their way to the hut, until they reached the front, which was guarded by two unarmed, muscular built namek warriors. Neither of the three needed to say a word, the empathic, large, old and wrinkly namekian Guru emerged from within the large doorway, a brown wooden walking stick in his right hand, gently pressed against the ground. His slight smile, old eyes almost shut, indicated his happiness to see three of his many children. The three namekian’s immediately took a respective bow, dipping their heads for Guru and then raising it.

    “Master Guru, hear our humble request,” said More. Guru was the only person he showed humility to at all times; everyone else could fuck off for all he cared.

    The old and wise namek nodded as a sign of approval, and then turned back around, slowly heading back to his large and ancient seat that was placed in the center of his house. Dore jollily skipped through the house first, Zore quietly went followed suit after nodding courteously at the namekian guards Placo and Charingo. More on the other hand took a different approach. “Heh,” he teased Charingo on the left, in an attempt to jokily mock him. Charingo glared at him; More returned with a smirk, content with his provoking attempt, and then lastly entered Guru’s gracious house.

    Inside, the three, young namek’s who were once mentored by Guru stood before their wise ruler. “Master Guru,” said the most outspoken of the trio, More. “There are two humans on their way here who will want you to help them master their spiritken. One of them, the boy, has a lot of potential.”

    “They were participants of Dante’s Abyss. I can feel them, they are indeed coming,” said Guru with his dreary and croaky voice. “The girl, she has a good heart, but the boy’s heart is impure, goodness mixed with evil. Good people surround him, two women in particular who he has deep affection for. He has other loved ones who will keep him from a path of evil.”

    “Two women heh.” That was all Dore was interested about. “Is he a womenizer then?” he wondered, enthusiastically placing a right hand on his hip, hoping to get the scoop on Kirano like a nosy reporter.

    “That is all I know, sorry Dore, but he can be helped.”

    “We noticed, my master,” said Dore, “and that’s why we would like to help him, make him a better person.” Dore was also anxious to get some juicy info on the women in Kirano’s life, but that was another story.

    Guru’s attention came to More. “You are funned of this boy, unlike your brother Dore, who is mostly concerned with his love affairs. I can feel the excitement within you when you think about him. You want to help him become stronger so that you can have fun fighting with him, More.”

    “Exactly, Master,” smiled the bulky namek. “I’ll push him beyond his limits if I have to. My brothers will help to.”

    “We know we can help them both master spiritken,” said More.

    “With the combination of our gifts, we can help them accomplish that goal,” Zore added.

    “Then I will entrust you my three children with the task of helping them to perfect their spiritken.”

    “Thank you, master,” said More, the first to bow, followed by his siblings.
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    The village appeared beautiful to Prew, who could not help but smile a little from her overhead view, peering down at a dozen green heads, which reminded her of peas scattered over a blue dish. Lombre was so happy to be in such a sacred place. It did not seem like anything special in Kirano’s eyes.

    Once the siblings touched down, Lombre quickly jumped off Kirano’s back. “Hey, Julo, good to see you!” he greeted a fellow namekian, running off and immediately forgetting who he came with. Prew would just have to thank him later for bringing them here.

    “Thought we’d never get rid of him,” Kirano joked.

    Prew had not even heard what her brother said, her attention was on a large hut, distinctive because of its incredible size, far larger than the other huts, and constructed of fine, ivory stone unlike the other wooden buildings scattered all over the place. Her brother followed her gaze, immediately jumping to a conclusion. “Yeah, that’s gotta be where this Guru guy lives.” They both suddenly recognized the three namekians who emerged from the large and distinctive house afar. “What the hell are they doing here?!” Kirano wondered. “I thought they were heading somewhere else.”

    “They most likely took a shortcut to their master’s place.”

    “Son’s of ......” Kirano did not bother finishing his sentence, instead walked towards them. With both groups coming towards each other, it was not long before the five warriors regrouped. “You again,” said Kirano in a displeased manner to More.

    “Don’t act like you’re not happy to see me.”

    “Don’t flatter yourself,” replied the young man.

    “Okay then, we’ll just forget you came. We’ll tell Guru you don’t wanna see him and that you don’t wanna master your spiritken,” he said, turning to the side and on the verge of turning fully around.

    “That’s blackmail,” said Kirano, pointing at him, stating the obvious.

    “Don’t mind More, come meet our master,” said Dore, grabbing hold of Kirano’s wrist.

    “Easy!” replied the human, yanking himself free.

    “It’s okay,” said Dore. “I know about the other women.”

    “Wait, what other women?!” he wondered, ironically quickly shifting himself to the flamboyant namek. He rolled his eyes suspiciously at the others, and then shifting himself and Dore so that they were distant from the others. “What do you people know about me?” he said quietly to Dore, so only Dore and Dore alone could hear him.

    Dore saw this union between the two as the perfect opportunity to get comfy around Kirano, as he tucked his arm in between the young man’s, so that they were hooked as a link, like romantic couples were funned of doing. Kirano could not care less about Dore’s behaviour for the moment, he was just anxious to receive an answer from his question.

    “Don’t worry,” the energetic namek said in a similar quietened tone. “That’s all we know.”

    “Yeah but who told you anything?” enquired the blonde haired earthling, as the two slowed the pace of their walk, since they were so near to Guru’s house.

    “Our master Guru is good at sensing things. So, who are these women?” Dore was dying to know.

    “I don’t have a girlfriend,” he said, unlocking his arm from Dore’s.

    “Doesn’t mean you don’t fancy them.”

    “If you must know, I just split up with my girlfriend.”

    “How come?”

    “It’s a long story.”

    “Does it have anything to do with any other of these women?”

    The two stopped walking; the conversation was getting serious.

    “No it doesn’t. Me and my ex, we just weren’t working out anymore. Rather, it just couldn’t work anymore.” The emotional man dipped his head towards the ground, feeling a little sorrow. “I do love her, I still, I always will, but not in that way.” He suddenly raised his head towards the namek, full of life once more. “Why are you so desperate to know anyway?”

    “I may be asexual, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what love is. I be ‘the love doctor’, no, ‘the luuuurve doctor’.” Kirano gave Dore a lame look. “It’s true,” Dore continued. “And who are these other women?”

    “It’s not other women,” said Kirano, getting defensive.

    “Dore!” called More, in front of Guru’s house. “What’s the hold up?!”

    “Just a minute!”

    Kirano took a step away from Dore, in an attempt to escape the subject, but a relentless Dore held onto the human’s wrist. “What do you mean by ‘not others’?”

    Kirano yanked his arm away with a frown. “Not others, just one, and you don’t need to know anything about her.”

    “You’re angry because she doesn’t feel the same way.” Kirano paused, looking angrily at the blue ground. “Either that or she doesn’t yet know how you feel.”

    Kirano sighed. “I will tell her... when I get the chance.”

    “Why are you blushing?”

    “Huh?” wondered Kirano, facing Dore. “No I’m not, just shut up and mind your business!”

    “You’re embarrassed, and you haven’t found the courage to tell her, and from your long trail of thought, it sounds to me she’s been on your mind for a long time.”

    “I WILL tell her!” he said viciously, grabbing hold of Dore by his blue, linen fitted sweater. “But what good is it now, NOW THAT SHE IS DEAD?! ...Died...for me...” he settled down, face saddened while he pushed Dore away from him with one hand.

    “Good,” Dore smiled. “We’ll use that fire in you to help you.”

    “Help me how?” wondered Kirano, suddenly sharpening himself.

    “You’ll know soon enough, but let’s go; Guru’s waiting to see you.”
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    “It’s about time!” said More to Dore and Kirano who arrived at the entrance. “And what was that whole episode about? What did Dore say to you Kirano?”

    “Nevermind that,” he answered, flashing quick glances at the guards and then stepping into Guru’s house with a troubled expression. Why did Dore have to bring up the women in his life? Now his mind was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He had to quickly shut the hybrid Bra out of his mind, before everyone else realised what was troubling him. Achieving spiritken was at the top of his priorities and he would be damned if he was going to let some female obstruct him from his goal, but then Dore had said he should use the fire within him, which had been brought out due to the loss of Bra, as ammo, use it to his advantage. Did it have something to do with the training regime Guru intended to plan for him? He had to forget out the questions for now, since he was in the midst of the ‘great Guru’. Whether Guru was actually as great as people claimed remained to be seen.

    Guru examined the humans without having to open his eyes. That was one of the guardian’s many rare gifts. People argued whether he could examine better with his eyes closed. From observing Kirano, he realised the truth to what More had said about the boy, he indeed did have a lot of potential patiently waiting to be oozed out. The girl beside him, the young man’s sibling, she had a gift of her own. She did not possess a great amount of potential as a fighter, but Guru could feel the wisdom of youth flowing within her soul. Her level of wisdom perhaps even rivalled his child, Zore’s.

    “Welcome to namek, warriors of earth,” greeted Guru from his chair. Why he found a chair with a surface made out of stone so comfortable was beyond anyone’s imagination.

    “Thank you,” replied Prew. “I finally meet namek’s ancient guardian, face to face. I’d also like to thank you for allowing us to train under you. If there’s any way we can return the favour, let us know.”

    “It is enough seeing youngster’s blossom into great flowers,” replied the elder namek, Guru.

    Kirano gave Guru the thumbs up, accompanied with a smile. It was his way of greeting.

    “IS that how to greet an elder, the guardian of namek?” asked More. Even he was disgusted.

    “It’s fine More,” Guru replied.

    More was still not satisfied and glared at Kirano, who refused to take any notice of the namekian’s displeasure.

    “Young ones,” mumbled the old, wrinkly namek, addressing the earthling siblings. “More, Zore and Dore will be your teachers. They will help you achieve that which you came for.”

    It was Kirano’s turn to glare, a glare fixated on More. He was not a huge fan of More, so the last thing he expected to hear was that More would be his teacher. The thought kept the distasteful glare on his face.

    “Why the face?” asked More to Kirano. “You should be privileged that you’ll be under the great More’s wing.”

    “Just shut up,” replied the edgy human.

    Prew on the other hand did not seem to mind. She had one goal, achieving spiritken trained, and that was all that mattered to her.

    Being the impatient namekian that he was, More was ready to begin. “Alright we’re in charge,” he said to the siblings, stating the obvious. “Which means you must do whatever we want you to do for us.”

    “As long as it’s within reason it’s fine,” said Prew, who was hoping the three young namekians were not intent on abusing their power.

    “Do not worry Prew; we will not abuse our power. We will only use it to help you perfect your spiritken.” Prew was pleased to hear that. She gave Zore a smile. Of the three namekians, she favoured him the most by far because his characteristics were similar to hers, calm, intelligent and reasonable. She knew she would be able to get along really well with him, maybe even become good allies and maybe even friends. Only the future would tell.

    “Aright humans,” said More, clapping his huge hands together enthusiastically. “Your training starts now.”

    “Let’s just get this over with,” said an unenthusiastic Kirano, still trying to come to terms that More would be training him.
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    Once the group of warriors had left Guru’s house, More took flight, leading the four warriors away from the village. After a 10 minute journey, they arrived at a canyon, similar to the ones you find on planet earth. The only difference was that this canyon was decorated with beautiful blue turf, accompanied by the usual bronze, dry surface you would see in a canyon.

    “Alright,” said More, massaging his knuckles. “Remember this place, because this is where your training will happen.”

    Prew gave the namek a simple nod while Kirano folded his arms, still uneasy about the idea of More training him. It was not just More, he was also not warm to the idea of a homo for a namek, Dore, training him either. In actuality, he preferred being training by More rather than Dore. He was unsure about the unpredictable and mysterious Zore however, but since he knew nothing about Zore, other than the fact that he did not talk much, he was Kirano’s preferred choice by default.

    “Here’s the deal,” said More, folding his arms. “Your training will be split into three parts.”

    “Three parts?” questioned Kirano curiously.

    “Yeah,” replied More, who was so excited about the idea he had formulated with his brothers and was dying to spill the beans to Kirano. “We will train your body, and then your mind, and lastly your spirit.”

    “What?!” exclaimed a surprised Kirano. The training regime seemed over the top. All he wanted to do was perfect his spiritken. Why did things have to be so complicated?

    “By completing those three training schemes, not only will you have perfected your spiritken, but you have heightened your physical strength, additionally, your mind and spirit, thus making you a better warrior,” said Zore.

    “It’s simple logic,” Prew added. “A great warrior doesn’t only rely on his strength in battle, but he needs his mind to outsmart a stronger opponent and he needs his spirit to overcome the odds if they are stacked against him.”

    Zore approved her response by nodding at her. Leave it to Prew to make Kirano feel like a complete idiot. She was a Miss know it all. Kirano smiled because he predicted that her intellectual mind would not fair well in the body training. She was an extremely powerful fighter for a teenage girl, but that was where it ended, that was the full stop.

    “The three of us will lead the three training programmes. I will train the body,” smiled More proudly, admiring his impressive physique.

    “Surprise surprise,” replied Kirano, who really was not the least bit as surprised as Prew.

    “I will train the mind,” replied Zore, quietly.

    “And I will train the soooooooooooooooul!” yelled, Dore skipping forwards twice and then twirling his agile self around, balancing on one leg like a ballerina.

    “Oh Lord,” said Kirano quietly to himself, rubbing his temple with his palm. Prew just laughed a little.

    “In order to train the mind, you will need to complete the body training,” said More, pounding his fist into his palm. “And in order to complete the soul training, you’ll have to have completed Zore’s mind training, but don’t worry about the mind and soul training,” he pointed at Kirano and then at Prew. “You won’t get past the body training!” His fingers trailed back to the young man. “Neither of you will so you might as well both go home now. I wouldn’t want you two fragile humans crying home to your daddy, complaining about how hard More was on you!”

    “Oh my God…” said Kirano, shocked. “I make you hard. That’s information I didn’t want to hear.”

    “What the hell are you…? Oh,” said More, whose look of curiosity suddenly turning into a glare. “You think you’re funny. Well you won’t be laughing when you realise how tough you’re going to have it. You won’t have-”

    “Yeah yeah yeah, let’s just get on with this.”

    “Fine!” said More, clenching his fist and causing his huge bicep to bulge. “We’ll get this rolling.”

    “Good luck,” said Dore happily, waving at the two, before it was time for him and Zore to vacate the area. They were not planning on sticking around. The large grin on More’s face, the intensity in his eyes was all too familiar. That was his game face, which meant the two humans were in deep trouble. Dore turned to Zore, while the two continued to ascend higher into the air. The namek was not flamboyant as usual. A gulp indicated his concern for the humans.

    “Humph,” replied Zore to his worried brother.

    “Why won’t you let me know your opinion?”

    Zore glanced at the two humans below from afar and then turned his attention back in front of him. “They’ll pass.”

    “You say that even though you know More won’t take it easy on them. What makes you so sure they’ll pass?”

    “They’ll pass, only if they work together cohesively. Their training with us will be the ultimate test as siblings. If their sibling bond is not strong, they‘ll fail.”
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    “Rules are…there are not rules,” grinned More. “Both of you, come at me with everything you’ve got.”

    “No rules huh, fine by me,” replied Kirano. With no rules, there were no limits to what he could do. Prew distanced herself from her elder brother, but kept herself parallel to him. Next, she entered a fighting stance with her focus directed at More. Kirano dragged his right foot across the ground so that it was distant from his left foot. He then put his fists up and then his clear aura flared in an upwards motion around him. With another burst of current, he unleashed his dark lighter power, his clear aura contrasting immediately to pitch black.

    More noticed straight away, how could anyone with the ability to sense ki not feel the evil energy that was pouring out of the young man? The namek gazed at the human with concern. Human was not the right word to describe this dark power.

    “What is that transformation?” More asked Kirano.

    “You like it heh,” replied the young warrior with a grin. “I’m going to crush you with it,” he finished, arching his body forward, signifying his readiness to get the fight started.

    So this is the evil Master Guru was on about, thought the namek.

    “What is this power?” More pressed on.

    “Dark Light!” Kirano exclaimed proudly as well as loudly so that those two words would not be missed by More’s green ears. “You see my sister and I, we aren’t full humans. We have darklighter blood in us.”

    A fierce look set upon More’s face. He was not pleased. Namek’s knew about the darklighters and their evil characteristics and had a number of stories about their evil antics. The profile of a typical darklighter did not entirely fit the descriptions of the siblings, who definitely did not inherit all of the characteristics of a full bred darklighter.

    “We aren’t full bred darklighters,” said Prew. Although her spiritken aura settled, she still remained in her untrained form. “We’re a quarter darklighter and the rest, well…we’re human.”

    To hear they were ONLY a quarter darklighter was a relief. It meant that their human DNA was far more superior, three times as strong, three times as influential may have not been the case when studying Kirano’s character.

    “Does that twenty-five percent of darklighter DNA have any affect you Prew?”

    “Is twenty-one questions part of the training?” Kirano asked, growing bored. “Because it isn’t very entertaining.”

    “I want to know what to expect from you people,” More retorted.

    “Don’t worry, we won’t kill you,” Kirano assured with a smug expression.

    “What my brother is trying to saying is that we’ve already explained our intentions for comming here. You should have gathered that by now.”

    “Whatever,” replied More. “But I can’t allow you to fight in that transformation Kirano. We don’t accept evil powers on this planet. We nameks live corrupt free. Aint no evil that goes on down here.”

    “Rules are rules heh,” the young man replied.

    “Don’t use that power at all. Besides, you won’t be disappointed once you learn spiritken trained. You’ll be twenty times as strong as you are normally.”

    “Who the hell are you to tell me I can’t use it again, EVER?”

    “I’ll be straight with you. I don’t like you, but I think you’re a decent fighter. I’ve yet to see the potential Master Guru said you had, but if he thinks that highly of you, then you’re worth something to him, which means it’s my place to at least let you know what a dark power can do to you. Kirano, you may not know it but a dark power as strong as yours slowly eats away all the good that’s in a person. If you keep using that power, it will eventually happen to you.”

    “I can control it. Plus I’m used to it.”

    “That’s what they all say, until it’s too late. You’ll be better off with a power like spiritken that can’t take over you.”

    “My power is a part of me. It’s part of my heritage. That’s like asking me to neglect my pride.”

    “He’s right Kirano,” said Prew.

    “Butt out Prew!” snapped Kirano.

    “You lost your girlfriend because of your actions in Dante’s Abyss,” Prew continued telepathically.

    That hit a nerve in Kirano. It stung because she was right. He turned towards his sister tightening his right fist as a valid expression of his frustration.

    “Shut up,” he replied.

    “You couldn’t control the excitement you felt for killing that person in Dante’s Abyss. That’s what More meant when he said it would consume you.”

    “This is who I am.”

    “You’ll lose everyone you love. Do you really want that?”

    Kirano’s son occupied his mind that moment, next it was Phoebe. He loved them more than life itself and he had already lost a girlfriend in Phoebe because of his unholy actions, because of his sinister ways during Dante’s Abyss.

    “Brother, if you really love them don’t put them through something like that again.”

    “This is who we are Prew.”

    “We can’t change who we are, but we can determine the way we want to live our lives.”

    “Our training is postponed,” said More interrupting the telepathic conversation. “You two come find me when you’re ready, and when you’ve made the right move Kirano.”

    Kirano did not reply, he did nothing but watch as More took off into the sky. The namek had been impatient and was not the discussing type. He did not want to mingle with Kirano’s affairs any longer than he had already. He had said and heard too much.

    No, thought Kirano. I won’t let him go. I’m ready to fight.

    How could Kirano just watch him fly off? He had a power up to attain, besides he did not want to hear anymore lectures from his little sister even though she was right. He was too proud to admit to the truth, too proud of his dark power to want to let it go, even though his conscience told him his actions in Dante’s Abyss were immoral. He had not just intended to kill the human Talys, that was not enough; he wanted to torture the dead body of Talys, which he had taken pleasure in doing. It was sick, he knew that at the back of his mind, yet the evil within him saw it differently, the evil within him had enjoyed every moment of it.

    “You shouldn’t take pleasure in killing, it isn’t right. Killing should be represented for a justifiable course, like trying to protect a Planet or in order to protect the people you love,” stated Prew.

    “Yet you joined Dante’s Abyss too, knowing all the participants were required to kill in order to entertain an audience.”

    “Yes, I did join Dante’s Abyss. I was aware of the rules, I’d knew I’d have to kill, but there was a reason. You had to kill in order to win the competition. The deaths were not real. I doubt most of the heroic figures who participated would have joined if the deaths were real. Dante’s Abyss is just a game, a game of survival that tests your ability to survive. It doesn’t become a game when you thrive on killing your opponents like you did.”

    “But the deaths were fake, right?” he smiled.

    Why am I smiling? he thought. Do…did I really enjoy killing that guy?

    “Yes,” his sibling replied.

    “Is that so,” he whispered to himself. He brought his hands forward and gazed at them.

    So I’ve become a stonecold killer. That doesn't seem right when I think about it. Did the dark light power really take control of me?

    “Yeah,” replied the girl. “Which is why you don’t need dark light.”

    Kirano turned, so that his right hand side was in her direction. He then folded him arms. He thought about the life before he had gained dark light, which was not so bad. He had experienced many happy moments with his former girlfriend Phoebe. With dark light, whenever the power activated, he transformed into a monster, a beast he was funned of. Phoebe was not funned of it though, she despised that side of him, which was the reason why she had left him, broken their romantic relationship.

    “That bad heh?” he asked.

    “I don’t have to tell you that.”

    Kirano’s heart began to race. Why was it racing when all he was about to do was deactivate his dark light power? He was only temporarily deactivating it, so why was it so pressuring? Was his heart racing because he was fighting to let it go completely? Was it because he was fighting his inner demons?

    With a sigh he deactivated it.

    “It’s funny how all the people I care about aren’t like me. They’re all selfless.” Bra and Seventeen came to mind when he said that. “Damn fools!”

    “Fools because they risked their lives trying to protect the people they care about. You would too,” replied Prew.

    “I hate weak emotions!”

    “That’s the inner demon talking. The brother I’ve known my whole life has never ever questioned giving up his life in order to protect the ones you love. As a matter of fact, you have given up your life to protect your Planet before.”

    Kirano knew what she was talking about. He had fearlessly confronted the leader of the changelings during the Cold Industry Army’s invasion and died. It had been a very stupid, but heroic move.

    Kirano aggressively pressed his right palm over his blonde hair due to his past failure, but he calmed down knowing he had succeeded in defeating the construct in order to save Arlia. He had to admit, it felt good being known as Arlia’s saviour. Kirano missed those old days of doing what was righteous without any selfish motives. “I want to go back to the old days…but how am I supposed to get rid of this power?” he said so quietly, Prew barely managed to hear him. She gazed into his eyes, they had so much meaning in them, so much sincerity. She had never seen her brother so humble before.

    “That, I don’t know the answer to.”

    Kirano chuckled and immediately, Prew saw the old Kirano. The one who loved to kid around all the time. The one who could make put turn a frown the right way around.

    “What, the genius has no answers?”

    “Nobody’s perfect,” she replied.

    Nobody’s perfect.

    Kirano thought about those two words and realised that yes indeed everyone made mistakes. Rectifying those mistakes was the challenge. Although he could not rectify his mistakes, but at least he could say he had learned from them.

    “Looks like it’s up to good ol spiritken,” he said, activating his untrained power. The unripe aura flowed graciously around his impressive physique.

    “Yeah, spiritken,” she smiled, activating her untrained power. The siblings stood in silence, both with positive expressions across their faces. Kirano gave his sister a confident smirk, while Prew was happy her brother was willing to change his life. It took a real man to realise his mistakes and try to correct them.

    “Let’s go,” said Kirano to his sister. They had a mission to complete.
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    More spun around from the edge of the cliff top to witness the earthling siblings in their spiritken form. Their intensity foretold that they were ready to fight. “Well it’s about time,” said the bulky alien. “I didn’t think you runts would show your faces.”

    “You’re totally irresistible, we just couldn’t stay away,” replied a sarcastic Kirano.

    “Well you haven’t lost your sense of humour. I promise you,” said More, shifting his eyes from Kirano to his sister whilst cracking his knuckles. “This is gonna hurt, a lot.”

    The siblings took immediate action as Kirano whizzed to the left while Prew moved to the right. They were moving around gracefully as if they had thought up a strategy, but all they were doing was coincidently imitating one another. It was no surprise that they were employing reflectional offensive approaches, since for the past two and a half weeks, Kirano had been training with her, helping her to improve her fighting skills and increase her power.

    More activated his super namekian form and instantaneously leapt into the air allowing Kirano to meet nothing but air. Prew expressed her superior intellect as she was able to read the namek, ascending into the air, on his trace with a ball of ki cupped within her right palm. She did not intend of releasing it just yet.

    With a mighty roar, More extended his green palm downwards towards the girl and a blue orb awakened into it. Suddenly, the young man appeared behind him, allowing his foot the opportunity to conduct a fine introduction into the back of the namek, who hardly felt the effects of the man’s heel. He was able to spin around in time to counter another fly kick. Grasping onto Kirano’s ankle, he twirled the earthling around, taking him on the fastest roller coaster ride he had ever been on, releasing him and with great force he sailed towards his sister, who was able to fly past him and launch an orb at the namek, who placed his hands in a defensive X. The back of his thick green wrists managed to absorb the energy attack.

    Within a blink of an eye, he proved how fast he could travel even with a bulky body, as he launched his cranium into her sternum. Prew sailed backwards in an uncontrollable motion, her back slamming into a tree, easily splitting it into two. She skidded across the floor until she stopped at an entrance leading into a thick forest. Bushes rattled violently due to their collision with the human.

    Kirano sized up his opponent. He knew his opponent was no joke. This namek was for real; therefore Kirano showed how seriously he took More by powering up to the highest level his untrained spiritken could ascend. More simply chuckled as he observed the green aura of spiritken flicker wildly around the human. “I always get the last laugh,” said Kirano.

    “You won’t this time,” replied the namek. Before he could make the first move, Kirano edged himself forward, driving his skull into the temple of the namek, shifting him backwards a little. He then threw his fist into the gut of the green alien. His fist felt as if it had stuck a steel wall. The result of his punch left his knuckles as red as a tomatoe. More retaliated as he tightened his huge fist and drove it into the face of the human, causing the youngster to sail backwards. Kirano instantly felt the aftermath, a stinging pain from his face, but he firmed it and controlled his body from sailing further back. The protégé of Guru surely packed a powerful punch. Kirano knew if he continued to receive punches to the face from a fist as strong as the nameks, he would not last long, especially since he was up against a SUPER namek. The last super namek he encountered was Piccolo, a former member of civil unrest; therefore the man knew what these super nameks were capable of. He had to be careful. In a fist fight, he would not win, but with his speed he could easily gain an advantage. The key was to resist any reckless acts, use the combination of both his brain and speed.

    The next three minutes was like a cat and mouse game, with More on the offensive, while it appeared to him that his human opponent was doing his best to avoid any punches to his anatomy. All of Kirano’s attacks had been long range since the game begun. He was keeping as far away from More as possible.

    The super namek was unaware that Prew, who he believed to have taken out of commission, was feeding her brother with the current strategy he was using, which was to revert to the use of far range combat with the assistance of his speed, and hop to surprise the super warrior.

    “Move around, but maintain that distance. Don’t get any closer to him. He might get careless and reveal an opening; that’s when you strike,” said Prew telepathically to her brother.

    “Have I told you you’re the brains of the family?”

    “Forget about the jokes. Don’t let your guard down.”

    Too late.

    Just how the namek had moved within a blink of an eye to floor Prew, he displayed a similar manner and this time it was his foot, which struck the gut of the male earthling. While uttering a shrill of pain, the young man’s human anatomy sailed through the air. More was not finished. He wanted to put Kirano down for the count. He and his sister would just have to try again another day. “Pathetic!” yelled More, charging up a medium sized ball of ki and then launching it towards the human, who had immense difficulty controlling his backwards motion.

    Oops, thought More, fearing he had put a little too much power into his ki ball. He had just realised that he was in his super namek form, while Kirano was in his puny spiritken untrained form. If he could turn back the hands of time he would have launched a smaller ball with less power, but now he could only hope that the least his attack would do was tear a minor hole through Kirano’s upper body; that way, at least More could get a namek that specialized in healing powers to heal him.

    “Oh SHIT!” he yelled. Where did the wavy blur of ki come from? That did not even matter anymore because there was no way More could avoid getting hit now. To his relief it did not strike him; however it did expand, extraordinarily into the form of a giant hand. Oh know, More finally realised. It was not intended to hit it. The huge blue florescent hand of ki wrapped its palm around the bulky super namek. “The heeeell!” he screamed furiously. He managed to rotate his body towards the direction of the explosion his attack had previously caused. He wanted to worry about Kirano, but escaping from the trap he had been placed in was at the top of his priorities. He turned his head towards the left, almost shutting his eyes from the light, which shined from the ki hand. Just when he though his situation could not get any worse, the hand wrapped tighter around him and as it got tighter, he released a low grunt of agony. “I thought you were…” he moaned to the girl who glided through the air, tightening her fist. It was from tightening her fist that the namek warrior realised she was controlling the pressure of the ki hand, which also meant the unique and cunning technique belonged to her.

    “I’m back now,” she fibbed. She had really recovered a while back.

    More turned his squinted eyes towards the explosion, which had occurred far south of his position. The fire created from his attack caused a huge boulder to crumble into small segments. Smoke oozed into the air and more rocks crumbled. There was no sign of Kirano and More was unable to sense his life force. Had he killed Kirano?
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    If not for my teleportation technique, I wouldn’t have been able to dodge that attack. I woulda been a goner, thought Kirano as he floated in the air, in the midst of a canyon where he usually trained. He was alone, which was all the better. He needed full concentration for the attack he planned on executing.

    More had probably by now realised Prew had faked her unconsciousness, if he had not, he was a very daft person. If he had noticed, he most likely would be pissed and his sister would be in big trouble. No matter how smart Prew was, there was no way she could outmanoeuvre More; she was not as quick as Kirano and no way near as powerful.

    Hang on sis.

    With not a moment to spare, the young warrior drew his arms back, cupped his hands and thrust them forward with so much force that the muscles in his arms expanded as they stretched. The ferocity on his face told a story, that failure was not an option.


    The trapped namekian groaned as he fought against the pressure of Prew’s unique technique. The muscle bound warrior even managed to rotate his body around so that he was facing the girl. Sweat dripped down her face. Her body began to tremble as the might of the namek continued to fight against her psychic bondage. He suddenly stopped struggling.

    “Watch,” he grinned and with a mighty showcase of pure strength, he forced himself free from the restraints of her giant ki hand. What was left of the neon, light blue technique, floated in the air, seeming as if it would dissolve into it.

    I’m not giving up, she thought. That was not what her brother would do. She clenched her fists once more and the ki particles, which seemed likely to fade, livened once more. More was not going to be a victim of another hand technique; therefore, before she had the chance to gather all of the particles, he quickly flew away from the particles; soaring head first towards her like a downwards spiral, or better yet, like an uncontrollable missile.

    “BARRIER!” she roared with her hands outstretched towards him. Immediately, a clear coloured barrier formed around her. Instead of his skull smashing into her targeted area, which was her torso again, it met with her barrier. The brute would not allow some damn barrier to stop him and therefore challenged her barrier with the force of his cranium, accompanied by his body weight.

    “It’s no use,” she smiled. “You can’t get through. This…” Her smiled quickly faded and turned to worry as her energy barrier slowly caved inwards, his head trying to push through the barrier like a newborn baby’s head slowly emerging from its mother’s womb. The persistent jade alien was going to get through the barrier; it was only a matter of time. Even in sticky situations Prew never lost her edge. She always thought of ways to outwit her opposition. Like a game of chess, she had thoroughly thought her next move through and therefore released the barrier around her and just as logic predicted, he rocketed uncontrollably forward. She was two steps ahead of him and literally stepped on his back after she had leapt over him. He crashed to the ground with a hard thud, proving that the bigger they are, the harder they fall was a true theory.

    Whatever her brother was doing, he was taking too long, but at least she was doing a good job buying time. She could afford to hold him off for a bit longer. She did not have a substantial amount of time to plan a decent or stylish next move; therefore, she had to act quickly because More was now on his feet. She was in the air; normally that would give her the advantage over a grounded person, but there was no advantage this time because her grounded opposition was a lot quicker than she was. As More went airborne towards her, she tried to distance herself away from him. Another barrier would not work against a powerful brute like him. Where was Kirano? If he were not going to show himself any moment, she would be forced to release it, her mystery and greatest technique that would no doubt drain her energy to point zero, furthermore, leave her tank totally empty.

    As aware and focused as she was, she could not alter the fact that he was much quicker than she was. With blinding speed, the mighty namek appeared behind her. She froze. He did not however and placed each of his palms either side of her cranium. She could feel the warmth from his green palm, which only meant one thing; that he planned to switch her lights off with perhaps two energy attacks from both palm. Unfortunately for her, her brother had not made it in time. He would have to fight More alone, even though she knew her brother in his current form, would lose to the super namek. This was tough luck. They would just have to attempt the body training another time.

    “Sorry I was late, but you know what they say, ‘better late than never’.”

    Even Prew who could not see behind her, could feel the strong current that had suddenly appeared. The girl could sense the power signature of her brother, but just barely. His life force was overwhelmed by the power of the ki that Kirano had generated. “Better late than never!” she yelled over the loud zapping, which came from Kirano’s energy beam. More could feel the heat from the beam blowing against his back, like a power heater blowing against a person’s body in the middle of a cold winter.

    “Sneaky little runt!” boomed More to Kirano, who smiled behind his wavy neon ki beam, which continued to zap. “I know that tech,” said the namek in a quieter tone, “teleportation.”

    “Actually, teleportation is an ability; only the best have it, i.e. me. I believe you’re in check mate.”

    “You guys planned this the whole time didn’t you?!”

    “No, not the part where I decided to vanish, that one was all me.”

    He’s pretty good, thought More. If he can create an attack with that much power in his spiritken untrained form.... Shit…this guy…

    Kirano was more than good, he was amazing, but More was like Kirano, he had a lot of pride and would never admit to his feelings.

    “You passed, you both have. I’ll admit together you both outsmarted me. You put me in a position I couldn’t get out of. We all wondered if you guys would work as a team or not, but you proved you’re a pretty good team.”

    “Phew, finally,” said Kirano, who hastily retracted his energy beam back into his palms. His body immediately soothed as it was now free from strain, the strain, which had been created when Kirano had generated so much of his energy into his attack.


    15 minutes later – the namekian triplet’s house – dining room

    “Well,” said Dore, removing a wooden chair away from the dining table and taking a seat in it, while his brother Zore ate away quietly at his lunch. “You were right. They actually passed with teamwork. I’m looking forward to training their soul. Who’s going to go next though, me or you bruh-ah?”

    “I will,” replied More, gently piercing his fork into a piece of cabbage.

    “It’s not like you to be hasty.”

    “I am not hasty. I will begin training them when they are ready.”

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