It has come to the attention that we have no actual clearcut, set in stone rules, except for the random tidbit here and there, and to avoid confusion on everyone's parts, here are the official rules for the signatures and avatars used on this forum.

1) No more than 250 px high, 550px wide

2) No more than 100KB filesize. If you need help adjusting to this specification, please PM a staff member, or someone with the capabilities to do it for you.

3) No adult-themed images, this includes, but not limited to: Pornographic images, genitalia, suggestive themes. If you are unsure about whether your signature is acceptable or not, please PM a staff member.

4) Images must be of your character if you are a canon, unless they have been approved by a member of staff. To get an image approved, please see the Artistic Interpretation thread inside the Workshop. Any signatures or avatars that are not approved by a member of staff can and will be removed without warning.

Thank you for your compliance.