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    OOC: Taken place after this thread:

    Ever since Kirano gained his new power, he had been very eager to test it out on someone. Unfortunately, the namekian triplets More, Dore and Zore were busy attending Guru’s matters and thus they were unavailable, and so were Guru’s guards Placo and Charingo. He needed to find someone, anyone, well not precisely anyone. He was not particularly meticulous on the attributes of his future opponent, just as long as this unknown challenger could make him break a sweat. With his evolved level of ki sense, locating a decent powered ki signal could not be that difficult. Even though planet Namek was a peaceful place, there had to be more than just the likes of More, Dore, Zore, Charingo and Placo. There had to be more namekian warriors who were capable of kicking some ass.

    Taking immediate action, the human focused his mind, searching for any ki signatures within his sensory range. Gradually, he began detecting multiple amounts of signatures and there was one notably nearby, which was very convenient. The power level was at 400,000. Kirano could have a good exercise against a person with that level of power and it would be even better if this person were hiding their real power.

    Not wasting anymore time reading the signature, Kirano teleported to it. He reappeared on a mountaintop, staring down at a young man with thick, unfashionably black hair, which stretched down to his shoulder blades. It reminded him of his friend Raditzu. This man’s humanoid appearance erased the theory of him being a namekian and the tail wrapped around his midsection defined his racial belonging to the saiyan race. Perhaps all saiyans had crazy hair. This unknown saiyan warrior was busy doing push ups and failed to realise Kirano was examining his training. After spending twenty more seconds watching the furry, brown-tailed man, the long, blonde haired human questioned why the guy still failed to notice him.

    Amateur, thought an amused Kirano. Or maybe he’s just being rude and ignoring me. There was only one way to find out, therefore he hopped off the edge of the blue mountaintop, appearing before him. The saiyan quickly rose to his feet, his frown clearly showing that he had not intended any interruptions and that he was not pleased with the human youngster because of it.

    “What’s gotten under your skin?” asked Kirano.

    “You!” the saiyan barked. “Why are you disturbing me? Beat it!”

    “Man, no pun intended, saiyan’s are so uptight. Chillax. Was just wondering if you would be up for a spar. Silly question to ask a saiyan. I could have just attacked you, but that would have been rude.”
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    Upon arriving on the green planet, renowned for its peace and tranquility, the strong youngster felt good, better than when he was on his home planet Vegeta. After a barrage of attacks on the neighbouring villages, close to Kalbo himself, he felt even better as he saw the lack of living citizens in the vicinity.

    He had wandering around the planet, hesitating if he should continue relaxing, due to his slacking on his usual, intense, training regime. Kalbo did all of this during his flight, his exploration throughout the peaceful planet.

    The full-blooded saiyajin sighed, the oxygen he breathed out turning blue by the chilly temperature. The more he complained about the planet, the more he came higher upon the place. This passage leaded him to a high mountain top, way higher than the ones he had seen before.

    Dropping himself down on the ground, the saiyajin flipped himself over, landing with his hands on the ground, in a hand-stand position. Pushing up and down, Kalbo counted with every push he did, hearing the strain in his voice while he did this out loud.

    He did this for a long time, as time passed without his further notice. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours, and hours into days. After a good week, large beads of sweat began to drip off of the tip of his hairs. The stiffness of his muscles had dissolved, marking that his body was reaching back to the machine it once was.

    His mind noticed a power source nearing, a body materializing itself and appearing back before him.

    "Hmpf," Kalbo yawned, his lips stretching out. "Lets have our introductions eh? Who are you, if you mind telling me?" He asked softly, continuing his push ups while talking. The mysteriousness of the human-like being made him curious, as he began to grow impatient after waiting for a moment.

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