“Well fought!” Someone interjected from the outside of the wrestling ring. Turning his attention away from the somber South Kai, Seventeen found himself staring at a rather short, squat being dressed in the same garb as all the other kais. The only real difference between the newcomer and his coworkers was that his skin was a dull shade of purple and he complemented his uniform with a monocle instead of the sunglasses that the other demigods seemed to enjoy so much.

“Thank you,” the android replied as the South Kai hopped over the top turnbuckle and began carrying his defeated graduate student back to the locker room. “West Kai?” Seventeen inquired, raising an eyebrow as he stared down at the midget-sized instructor. With a snort, the purple kai puffed out his chest and sneered up at the tall, lanky cyborg. After a moment or two of that awkward silence, the newcomer finally replied to the statement.

“Of course,” he rasped, his voice like the sound of fingernails dragging against a chalkboard. “I take it your another one of King Kai’s little pounces?” He snickered, clutching his hands across his chest and chortling insanely—as if he had made the funniest joke in all of time. Rolling his eyes, Seventeen took a step forward and leaned forward, crossing his arms in front of him as he leaned down against the top turnbuckle.

“You bet’cha!” The deceased warrior loudly exclaimed, putting on the widest, most asinine smile that he could muster given his advanced state of wear and tear. The almost squawking declaration caused the undersized kai to immediately fall silent, his eyes glaring up at the smug warrior with the utmost disdain. “Which one of your students do I have to pummel into a bloody pulp?” Seventeen added, flashing a toothy grin down at the irritated little demigod.

“It seems like your teacher’s aggravating sense of humor and idiocy has rubbed off on you,” West Kai growled, frowning heavily as he looked back over his shoulder toward a cracked door near the far wall of the Thunderdome. “Get out here, Annemarie!” The monocle-wearing alien shouted as his left foot began to tap impatiently against the padded floor that surrounded the arena. Lifting an eyebrow, Seventeen also turned his attention to the oak door.

After a few seconds of utter and complete silence, the door softly swung open and a curvaceous figure stepped out from the darkness. For a moment, she stood motionless, her body half bathed in the shadows that adorned the northern wall of the building. A beat or two later, she slowly made her way out of the shadows and began toward the wrestling ring at the center of the Thunderdome.

“O la la,” Seventeen mumbled under his breath as the six-foot tall woman drew closer to his location. Unlike the last female that he had been force into combat against, this one was drop-dead gorgeous. She had all the right curves in all the right places, and the fatigues that she wore as a fighting outfit were cut and torn in such a manner to accentuate her features without making her look like a vapid slut.

“I would like to introduce to you one of my most talented students,” West Kai snickered, turning his attention back to the sardonic android. With a grin, the exceedingly short demigod noted the wide-eyed expression on the bewildered man’s face. “Annemarie has trained with me for countless decades, and she represents—undoubtedly—the type specimen of her species.”

“You flatter me, West Kai,” the women chuckled, her blue eyes sparkling as she hopped off the ground and cleared the seven feet necessary to vault over the turnbuckles and into the ring. Almost instinctively, Seventeen retreated a few steps and made a mental note of his immediate surroundings. It was then that he realized he was already boxed into the corner of the wrestling ring, but before he could really strafe out of his position, his opponent pounced.