What the fuck?!” was the shrill roar that emanated through Baba’s stone household. It was a phrase most people around the young, cyan haired member of royalty had become accustomed to shrugging off. Bra was more vocal than was typical of an affluent young lady, and that suited her just fine. The halfling liked being abrasive sometimes; being a princess wasn’t exactly something that much appealed to her.

“You were brought back to life. You’ve brought other people back, you should know what it entails by now,” the old crow squawked. “There’s some courier waiting for you outside, but I’m going to need that money. Five grand. He swore you had it.”

“You-!! I was doing something important-!!

“Yes, yes. Everyone’s doing something important. You’d think people would be more grateful about being summoned back from the dead,” Baba grunted. “My money.”

With a growl, the demi saiyan withdrew the necessary five thousand zeni and rudely tossed it to the floor. Storming out of the decrepit hovel, Bra was more than a little surprised to see three heavily decorated saiyan royal guards awaiting her. One on either side of the entrance, and the other directly in front of it, now standing face to face with the girl. Or, he would have, had she not been over a foot shorter than he. She was more face-to-chest with him, than anything.

“I am Gehr,” stated the hulking saiyan, matter-of-factly. “Your father has sent for you. He says it is of the utmost urgency.”

“Is that so? How about raising me, or even being around once in a while? Was that a matter of utmost urgency?!” the girl spat. “Fuck you guys. Tell my dad to kiss my ass; he had more than a few chances with me. We’re done. I’m not talking to him.”

“This is not... a request. As this is a matter of imperial security, King Vegeta has demanded you seek audience with him immediately,” Gehr explained. Bra’s sapphire eyes narrowed. She clenched her teeth.

“Get the hell out of my way before I cut you into chunks and fertilize the grass with them,” she hissed. “Do you honestly think you can change my mind.

In response, Gehr transformed in a flash into a super saiyan. The hybrid matched the show of force with her own transformation, flaring her ki with a devilish smirk. “I’m stronger than you, you know. You won’t last very long against me.”

At that, the other two guards, who had so far remained silent, both burst into their own super saiyan forms. The four torrid beacons burned and crackled for a long time, until Bra finally drooped with a sigh, slipping out of her ascended form without a word. The action said more than she could, anyhow. The other super saiyans reverted to their base forms in turn.

“Very well, you will follow me, and I will take you to our ship. It’s not far from here; they’re waiting for us. As soon as we’re aboard, we’ll leave for Vegeta-Sei,” Gehr explained. Bra rolled her eyes.


- - - -

The trek to the ship was uneventful. The royal guard-types never had much to say. They just did their jobs in humdrum silence, terrified to upset the noble family. Odd, since their current mission basically amounted to kidnaping. Bra surmised they were worried of Vegeta’s retribution should she say something ill about them. It would be more an issue of personal pride rather than the protection of his family.

To allow a transgression against his family was likely more of an affront to his ego than it was to his love for the family he had all but abandoned since his rise to power. In fact, the princess suddenly realized, ever since he earned the crown, she hadn’t seen him. Evidently, the power was more important than she or Trunks or her mother. Although Trunks and her mother could rot just as dear old daddy ought to, as far as Bra was concerned. Her family was merely a patchwork of selfishness and neglect. The people who made it up were worthless to her. None of them cared about her, and it had poisoned her opinion about them.

“Coming up on-”

Don’t! ...Talk to me,” the girl snapped, folding her arms across her chest. “I agreed to this stupid request. Nothing else. I’ve got nothing to say to you.” it was cold, but she was bitter. She was spending time with old friends whom she didn’t often see anymore. It was special, and she knew the ordeal meant a lot to Burter, who was rediscovering his home world.

Her father would have a lot of explaining to do about those saiyans enslaving Burter’s people. Bra would be sure to furiously press that issue. Ragnarok Black was more of a family to her than her own could ever hope to be. For Vegeta to pull her away from them for whatever pithy issue he suddenly had, Bra would extract some measure of revenge. Even if all it amounted to was an earful. He would learn he couldn’t just string her along any longer.

The rest of the trip was immeasurably boring, and the heiress nodded off several times during the voyage. It beat having to talk to any of the highly-trained, saiyan elites. Bra snarled. Actually, they weren’t that bad. She hadn’t given them a chance. Despite her rough behavior, they hadn’t even said a word in protest. These were good soldiers. She just couldn’t contain herself. The rage she felt for the slavery of Burter’s people by her own was blossoming. What was worse was that her people had been the victim of slavery not so long ago. How could her father have forgotten that?! And to add insult to injury, he had extracted her from the site, rendering her totally helpless in contributing to Burter’s fight for the survival of his species.

These things she dwelled on over and over, and over again. Turning them over in her thoughts. Once she ran out of things to be mad about, she started over. Her fury rumbled, ignited as it often did years ago. All those years of learning to control the anger seemed to just evaporate. Instead, her boundless hatred seemed to sustain and feed upon itself, growing ever stronger, ever darker as the ship continued on it’s course, oblivious of the situation beginning to unfold.

- - - -

“Er, Princess Bra?” came a distant voice. The girl cracked one eye half open, glimpsing Gehr towering over her. With her hands behind her head, she lazily opened her eyes, raising an eyebrow. “We have arrived. We should disembark, if you please.”

“Yeah... thanks,” came the quiet reply. Her body begrudgingly allowed her to climb to her feet, and she stumbled out of the ship, partly in a daze. Much sooner than usual, that fog in her eyes was shaken, replaced with the torrential fire within her.

Stalking from the landing bay into the palace, down the familiar halls, Bra wasted no time. Her eyes shone a pale blue as her magical energy stirred within her tremendous anger. Black, fiery wisps drifted off her skin, licking at the air, barely visible to the naked eye.

Just then, she noticed her entourage was trailing her. Far enough back that most would never catch them. In fact, the cyan haired girl wouldn’t have, either, had she not glimpsed Gehr’s reflection in the mirror-like finish of a wall-mounted shield. That was fine, she could make do if she had to.

Finally, Bra tromped down the main entrance to Vegeta’s throne room. Her grandfather’s throne room not long ago. The royal guards moved to stop her, but her scowl and position in the royal family gave them enough pause to allow her to hurl one of the two massive doors open with a vicious shoulder check, tearing it off it’s hinges and launching the reinforced door far into the room. Turning on her heel and ignoring the furious shouts of protest from a very familiar voice, the half-saiyan extended a hand at the entrance and, in mere moments, a thick wall of ice had formed, completely sealing ingress for either Vegeta’s bodyguards or Gehr and his lackeys who were no doubt just about upon her. Throwing her head over her shoulder, Bra glared at her father through locks of cyan hair.

She turned to face him, her fury etched upon her visage. “You. You bring me here, pull me away from my friends. You... do you know what they’re doing on Burter’s homeworld?!” she roared.

“Burter? That... lizard-man?” Vegeta retorted with a sneer.

“That lizard-man did a better job raising me than you ever could!”

Hold your tongue, Bra!!” the king thundered.

“What have you done to his home world?! Do you know what’s happening there?!”

“Yes. I know everything about the empire. I know what’s happening on Reptilia,” the father solemnly retorted.