((As written by Reijin))

Shadowy figures began to appear in the distance of the clearing snow. Reijin rose to his feet and narrowed his eyes. He found that he was not alone. To his side were Android 18 and Raditzu. Bardock was still seated, but equally attentive to the group in the coldness. ?They don?t look friendly?,? someone mumbled. Reijin could only agree. He quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out the only senzu he had attained over the course of the tournament, and threw it into his mouth. He had the feeling that something big was going down, and he needed to be at his prime. He felt the grainy texture of the bean against his tongue, and then his teeth grinded down on it, breaking open its protective layer and spreading its inner meat into Reijin?s mouth. Reijin quickly chewed the bean and swallowed it, feeling the faintest illusion of warmth throughout his body.

?Can anyone recognize them?? Raditzu asked the group. Bardock shook his head. ?I didn?t think so. From here, they look like Synex troops.?

Eighteen shook her head in mock irritation. ?So are we just going to wait for them to arrive??

Reijin shrugged and looked to the side. ?I don?t believe that we have a choice in the matter.? He nodded behind them, and she looked to see another group of soldiers advancing behind them. He sighed, and then looked to Raditzu. ?I don?t suppose you wish to go into obliteration mode again, do you??

He could tell from Raditzu?s look that the long haired Saiya-jin didn?t appreciate the comment. His downcast eyes portrayed his annoyance, and he spat to the ground. ?Then I am out of here!? he growled.

Before another word could be spoken, Reijin burst into the sky, rushing straight into the deepest cloud?


The wind howled around the fighters as their battle came to its conclusion. The Black Demon stood over his fallen adversary, his chest rising and falling with heavy breath. His eyes had the look of hellspawn in them, and a trickle of blood ran down his mouth. ?You were a fool to even begin to think that you could defeat me. The very idea is unfathomable, and yet you fought even when the Black Virus had infected you.? He spat at the corpse?s face, and turned away.

His eyes caught glimpse of a large army walking towards him. Almost as if summoned, Vejita-ou was at his side. ?What do you think??

Broli chuckled at the thought of what was to come, though only he knew his true plans. ?Just let me handle this.?


There had been times within the Saiyan?s life that he had believed that his life was totally and absolutely dedicated to one thing. There had been times when he would call himself a fool. At this precise moment, however, he was calling the others fools. Had they no dignity or pride? They would not fight! He was disgusted to have been near them. He rushed through the sky, trying to find somewhere to deal with the problem. Though the problem was as generic as ever, and he wasn?t totally sure what was going on. A flash appeared before him, endowing upon him clarity as to his questions, as a large beam slammed into his unprepared body. His eyes had just enough time to register the flash before he felt the ethereal energies tearing into him, burning and gnawing, and forcing him back into a freefall for the barren earth below.

He vaguely saw the surface coming closer, rushing upon him, and then felt something stop his inertia moments before hitting the ground. It was then that he blacked out. His eyes slowly drifted open moments later to find himself restrained entirely, with a soldier standing over him. The soldier laughed as Reijin looked from side to side, trying to see what had happened. He could see no others nearby, and he concentrated his glare onto the soldier. The soldier interrupted his attempt to find words with an answer. ?By command of Lord Frost, all surviving fighters on Dante shall be taken custody and placed into cells until interrogation can take place. Any who resist will be unequivocally destroyed without hesitation.? Before Reijin could respond, the soldier motioned to another soldier to pick him up by his bonds. ?Oh, and before you get any ideas about attempting some form of struggle, I must warn you that the restraining devices around your body form a tight modular net over your inner energy. In the event that you do anything remotely detectable with your energy, the devices will activate the collar.?

With that, the soldier turned and walked away, and Reijin looked up at the other soldier, just in time to see the gun fire a dart into his side. He realized that his original suspicions of Frost were correct, but he wasn?t entirely sure as to what was going on now, nor as to the Changelings true motives. Grogginess overwhelmed him, and he returned once more to the land of sleep. Perhaps he would meet the others in the cells.


Dante?s Abyss Concluded
Sorry to all for my obviously writer?s blocked entry. Smile
Broli has gained +3 points for his fight, and Goku +2 points. Goku is dead, and Broli reigns supreme.

0 points (+5 TP)
Android 14 = 0 - 0 -- x3 TP
Android 16 = 0 - 2,500 -- Super Saibaman
Cell = 0 - 0 -- x3 TP
Garlic Jr = 0 - 0 -- x3 TP
Gohan = 0 - 0 -- Telepathy
Koola = 0 - 0 -- Saibashard
Krillen = 0 - 0 -- Scouter + upgrades 1/2
Metal Koola = 0 - 0 -- 2 saibamen
Minoshia = 0 - 0 -- x3 TP
Nail = 0 - 0 -- X3 TP
Pigero = 0 - 0 -- X3 TP
Recoome = 0 - 0 -- Telepathy
Tapion = 0 - 0 -- Ki Globe + Saibaman
Trunks = 0 - 0 -- Scouter + upgrades 1/2

1-2 points (+10 TP)
Bardock = 2 - 7,500 -- Refined Ore Processing
Bra = 2 - 10,000 -- Air Shell Plating + Ki Globe
Burter = 1 - 2,500 -- Bug Skin Plate + Air Shell Plating
Corniss = 1 - 0 -- x3 TP
Furiza = 2 - 0 -- Body Split
Goku Jr. = 1 - 0 -- Telepathy + Heart of Courage
Guldo = 2 - 7,500 -- 2 Hearts of Courage
Hellfighter 17 = 1 - 0 -- X3 TP
Jackie Chun = 1 - 0 -- X3 TP
Janemba = 2 - 10,000 -- 2 Stasis Grenades
Kami = 2 - 5,000 -- Namekian Body Size Control + Heart of Courage
King Cold = 1 - 5,000
Kirano(now Turles) = 2 - 0 -- x3 TP
Lord Slug = 1 - 0 -- Namekian Body Size Control + Heart of Courage
Nappa = 2 - 5,000 -- Oosaru + Oosaru Control
Paragus = 1 - 0 -- x3 TP
Piccolo = 2 - 5,000 -- x3 TP
Pikkon = 1 - 0 -- 2 Heart of Courage
Raditzu = 1 - 5,000 -- Ki Rifle + Telepathy
Reijin = 1 - 5,000 -- Healing + Telepathy
Selipa = 1 - 10,000 -- Telepathy + Heart of Courage
Uub = 1 - 0 -- x3 TP
Yamcha = 1 - 5,000 -- 2 Hearts of Courage
Zarbon = 1 - 0 -- All Scouter Upgrades

3-4 points (+15 TP)
Android 13 = 3 - 10,000 -- Bio Armor
Android 20 = 3 - 10,000 -- Body Split + Telepathy
Bojack = 3 - 12,500 -- x3 TP
Goku = 4 - 5,000 -- Active Location Tracer + Tracer Upgrade + Refined Ore Processing
Goten = 3 - 5,000 -- Metal Binding + Scouter upgrade 4
King Vegeta = 3 - 12,500 -- x3 TP

5-6 points (+20 TP)
Android 18 = 6 - 30,000 -- Fusion + Telepathy
Pan = 5 - 15,000 -- SSJ + Body Split
Broli = 5 - 15,000 -- Bio Armor + Refined Ore Processing+ Focusing Cloak

OCB: A couple of quick explanations:

Since I know this is what everyone really cares about, I'll start here. I think most of the prizes are pretty straight forward, but the TP thing might be a bit confusing. Everyone who got 3-4 points during DA will get 15 bonus TP. Someone with the "x3 TP" will get triple the set reward. So, Bojack will recieve 45 TP as his reward. The same thing applies no matter how many points you got. So, Nail will get 15 and Corniss will get 30.

The Left Behind
Anyone left alive at the end of Dante's Abyss has been taken to a prison on Frost Planet #213. The collars are still attatched and prevent the use of any serious amount of ki.

I think that just about sums everything up on this end. I hope you all enjoyed Dante's Abyss.