About The Project

CDBZ, or Chubbs DBZ RPG, was a play by post roleplaying forum based around the series Dragonball and its sequels. The forum ran for many years, until becoming defunct around 2009. Many writers came together to spin exceptional stories utilizing their characters, both canon and customs set in this fictional universe.

The purpose of this website is to preserve the efforts of our writers and showcase them for everybody to enjoy. Although we cannot guarantee we can save every post by every author, we will make every effort to do what we can to ensure completeness of each story.

If you are a former member of CDBZ and would like to contribute, please send an email to admin@epiqz.com with your character’s name, and any relevant information. A skype name would also be very helpful, and I will contact you personally if you’d like.


-Admin Vi

Archive Staff



Head Admin

Head of the Chubbs Archive Project. Violet played on CDBZ from 2006 until it became defunct.